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Population: 19.5 million Capital City: Yaounde

Cameroon is often called 'Africa in miniature', because of the different geographical landscapes and cultural diversity. It has a rich variety of landscapes, including beaches, deserts, mountains, rainforests and savannahs.

In the southern rainforests, hardwood evergreen trees may grow up to more than 60 metres tall. They include mahogany and ebony.

Cameroon's industry is focused on sugar refining, cotton spinning, tobacco processing, wood pulp production and oil refining. Cameroon's primary export products are oil and cocoa beans.

The name Cameroon comes from the Portuguese. They named the Wouri River the 'Rio dos Camarões' ('Shrimp River'). That became Cameroon in English. Cameroon has two official languages – French and English

Traditional Cameroon delicacies are puff-puff (doughnuts), accra banana and tasty bean cakes.

Cameroon is recognised as a premier football nation, after impressive results at the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games. Other popular sports include traditional wrestling and tug-of-war.

Cameroon became a member of the Commonwealth in 1995.

It has competed in every Commonwealth Games since Kuala Lumpur 1998, when they picked up six medals. They tripled their tally at the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games, and won nine Gold medals. This success has continued, and during the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games the country won two Silver and four Bronze medals.


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