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Cayman Islands

Population: 51,484 Capital City: George Town

There are three islands in the Caymans between Cuba and Jamaica – Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

The national flower is the banana orchid. The islands have banana spiders too.

A pleasant tropical climate is one of the islands’ main assets. This makes tourism an important source of income.

If you like scuba diving, you can swim with stingrays. Over the years divers have fed them squid, their favourite food. So, they associate the sound of a motorboat with a free meal!

A variety of commercially useful plants grow on the islands, including coconut palms, breadfruit, banana, mango and citrus fruit trees. There are also thatch palms and some logwood and mahogany trees.

Banking is important. The Caymans have the highest per capita income in the Caribbean.

The Cayman Islands made its debut at the Edmonton 1978 Commonwealth Games. In 2002 the islands won their first medal, a Bronze in the Men's High Jump for Kareem Streete-Thompson. The next medal came during the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games, where Cydonie Mothersille won Gold in the Women's 200m, with a time of 22.89 seconds.

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