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Population: 24 million Capital City: Accra
Image of Lake Bosumtwi, Ghana

Ghana lies on the Gulf of Guinea, in an area of Western Africa that used to be called the Gold Coast. There's also a city in Australia called Gold Coast which will be hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

Ghana has lush forests, diverse animal life and miles of sandy beaches along a picturesque coast. Lake Volta, created by damming the Volta River, is the world's largest artificial lake.You will find over 650 butterfly species in the Kakum National Park. They include giant shallowtails, which can be eight inches wide.

Ghana is one of the world's largest gold producers. In addition, it exports diamonds, oil and natural gas. The country is among the leading producers of cocoa. The beans are sun-dried rather than mechanically dried, which gives the cocoa a fine quality and gets higher prices on the world market.

Ghana has a rich history. It once was a great medieval trading empire, located north-west of the modern state. Later inhabitants traded with the Portuguese, Dutch, British and other Europeans.

The former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan comes from Ghana.

The country's ethnic groups have their own distinctive culture, usually linked to religion. Many festivals are centred on the family, the unit that owns the land. Celebrations take place on occasions such as harvest, marriage and birth.

Football is popular in Ghana, as are athletics, boxing, cricket, basketball and volleyball.

Ghana became a member of the Commonwealth in 1957.

It has competed in the Commonwealth Games since Vancouver 1954, but missed the Edinburgh 1986 Commonwealth Games. Only their debut Games and the 1982 event in Brisbane failed to deliver medals. The Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games yielded one Silver and two Bronze medals.

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