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Population: 2.9 millon Capital City: Kingston

To many, Jamaica means music and sport.

Reggae originated in Jamaica – Bob Marley was born there. Reggae was preceded by ska and rock steady, followed by dub and dancehall.

The musicians are sometimes associated with Rastafarians. They believe in the divinity of the emperor Haile Selasssie of Ethiopia and in the eventual return of his exiled followers to Africa.

The island is also synonymous with track & field sports. Not least because of Usain Bolt, the present world and Olympic champion and world record holder for the Men’s 100m and 200m.

Jamaicans may have won many medals in athletics, but the most popular sport on the island is cricket.

Jamaica was the first team from the English-speaking Caribbean to qualify for the FIFA World Cup.

More than 200 species of birds have been recorded in Jamaica, including the streamertail hummingbird, which is the national bird.

The island’s economy is mixed, but based on tourism and finance services.

Jamaica entered the Commonwealth in 1962.

It has taken part in every Commonwealth Games since 1934, apart from 1930, 1938, 1950 and 1986. Medals have been won in every instalment Jamaica has competed in.

At the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games the Triple Jump Gold medallist Trecia Smith became the second woman to win the David Dixon Award, presented to the most outstanding athlete of the Games.

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