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Norfolk Island

Population: 2,169 Capital City: Kingston

This small island is located in the Pacific Ocean, 1,412 km directly east of mainland Australia. Its population is around 2,000.

Norfolk Island is about 8 km long and 5 km wide. It's volcanic in origin with a rugged terrain, which rises to Mount Bates and Mount Pitt.

It was settled a few centuries ago by Pitcairn Islanders, who were descendants of the Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian companions.

The native evergreen Norfolk Island Pine is a symbol of the island and pictured on its flag. The pine is also a key export product, popular as an ornamental tree on mainland Australia.

There are no railways, waterways, ports or harbours on the island. Loading jetties are located at Kingston and Cascade, but ships cannot get close to either of them. When a supply ship arrives, it's emptied by whaleboats towed by launches.However there are roads and an airport. Tourism is the main industry with about 30,000 tourists visiting the island annually.

There are two official languages spoken on the island, English and Norfolk. This is a mixture of English and Tahitian.

All sports are organised by the Norfolk Island Amateur Sports and Commonwealth Games Association. They also look after sports training for young people.

Norfolk Island made its debut at the Edinburgh 1986 Commonwealth Games. It won itsfirst medal at the Victoria 1994 Commonwealth Games, when Carmelita Anderson took a Bronze medal in the Women's Lawn Bowls Singles. Since then, they have participated in every Commonwealth Games.


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