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Population: 90,000 Capital City: Victoria

There are well over a hundred islands in the Seychelles – an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The islands are some 1,500 kilometres (almost 1,000 miles) east of Kenya on mainland Africa and 1,100 kilometres (700 miles) north of Madagascar.

The national languages of the Seychelles are Creole, English and French. Most Seychellois speak Creole in daily life. It's also called Seselwa. 

With their tropical plants, beaches and a wide variety of marine life, the Seychelles are renowned for their outstanding natural beauty, and of course their climate.

There's also an abundance of nature preserves and marine parks. Like the Aldabra Islands, the Vallée de Mai National Park is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vallée de Mai is the only place where you will find all six of the local palm species.

The Aldabra giant tortoise is one of the world’s oldest living creatures. The giants live on many of the islands. The Aldabra population on the Seychelles is the largest in the world.

All this beauty attracts tourists, who just want to get away from it all. They're looking for a quiet hammock between the palm trees, or an exciting scuba dive among the sea animals!

Volleyball and football are popular sports.

Lissa Labiche is a high jumper. She came first in the African Championships and second in the World Junior Championships (with a personal best of 1.88 m).

The Seychelles joined the Commonwealth in 1976.

They have been at every Commonwealth Games since making their debut at Auckland 1990. The first medal was won in the boxing ring at the Victoria 1994 Commonwealth Games. More followed – two Bronze medals at the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, one in Athletics the other in Weightlifting. At the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games Janet Georges lifted a Silver medal in the Women's 69kg Final.


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