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St. Kitts and Nevis

Population: 50,314 Capital City: Basseterre

This two-island country lies in the northern part of the Leeward Islands group of the Lesser Antilles, in the east Caribbean Sea.

St Kitts is also known as St Christopher.

The two islands are separated by a channel, the Narrows, which is about 3km wide.

Both islands have central peaks, covered with rainforest. St Kitts Mount Liamuiga (formerly Mount Misery), with a lake in its forested crater, is the highest point (1,156m). Nevis is surrounded by coral reefs.

The people on the islands live near the shore, where it’s flatter. They grow cotton, vegetables and coconuts. Sugarcane is also grown on St Kitts, and sugar is the island’s main export product.

The light industries on the islands produce items for export from imported materials. They include electronic equipment, batik-dyed fabrics and furniture. Tourism is also an important source of income.

The St Kitts & Nevis National Carnival is the main event of the year, with music being prominent. Drum, steelpan and string bands accompany the revellers, and salsa and soca are popular.

Cricket is an important sport on the islands and the national football team is known as the ‘Sugar Boyz’.

St Kitts & Nevis joined the Commonwealth in 1983.

Having made its debut at the Edmonton 1978 Commonwealth Games, St Kitts & Nevis returned to compete in the Games in 1990 and have taken part ever since. The country’s first medal came at the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games, when Kim Collins won the Men's 100m.

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