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Population: 10,544 Capital City: Funafuti

Tuvalu, a collection of nine atolls and islands, is located south of Kiribati and north of the Fiji Islands. Tuvalu joined the Commonwealth in 1978.

One of the most remote countries in the world, Tuvalu retains much of its traditional Polynesian culture and religion is important in daily life.

Families can purchase food imported from Australia and New Zealand. However, many islanders enjoy locally caught fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Young people like playing football and ‘kilikiti’ – a sport similar to cricket, played on a pitch which doubles as Tuvalu’s airport!

Dancing, singing and music play a huge part in Tuvaluan culture. A ‘fatele’ is an energetic contest where groups of people try to out-sing and out-dance each other, and visitors are welcomed and encouraged to take part. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined in when they visited Tuvalu in September 2012.

A significant source of income for Tuvalu comes from the royalties of its internet suffix .tv, which is used globally by television and media organisations.

Rising sea levels are a concern for this low-lying country, highlighting the real effects of climate change on the Commonwealth and the rest of the world.

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