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Population: 34.6 million Capital City: Kampala

Uganda takes its name from the former kingdom of Buganda.

It's roughly the same size as Great Britain.

Uganda lies on both sides of the equator. This means that in the north of the country – above the equator – the water goes down a plughole clockwise, while in the south it runs anti-clockwise down the drain.

Kampala, the capital city, is a green city. It has dozens of small parks and public gardens. You can also walk along a scenic promenade on the shore of Lake Victoria, Africa's largest freshwater lake.

Its climate is good for growing crops. For example, Uganda produces bananas, pineapples, mangoes and avocados. Matooke is a variety of starchy banana. In Uganda it is often boiled and mashed or cooked in a sauce of peanuts, fresh fish, and/or meat.

Uganda is home to the endangered mountain gorillas. There are only 750 of these animals left in the wild. You can see them in their own habitat in the Bwindi National Park.

The Crested Crane is the official bird of Uganda. In its plumage, it contains the three colors of the Ugandan flag which are black, yellow and red.

Stephen Kiprotich won the London 2012 Olympic Games Marathon. This was the first Gold for Uganda since 1972, and their first ever in the Marathon. Kiprotich also won the IAAF World Athletics Championships marathon in 2013.

Uganda joined the Commonwealth in 1962.

The country, as a British Protectorate, first took part in the Commonwealth Games at Vancouver 1954, where Patrick Etolu won a Silver medal in the Men's High Jump. Uganda has competed in every Games since then, apart from the Edmonton 1978 Commonwealth Games.

At the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, Dorcus Inzikuru won Gold in the Women's 3000m Steeplechase, the first time this event was run in the Games.

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