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Day 151 - Grenada

Today the Queen’s Baton left the easternmost island of the Lesser Antilles Caribbean Islands: Barbados and travelled south-west, back towards South America, to the island of Grenada - ‘the Island of Spice’. This nickname given to it due to its large production of nutmeg.

It was a lively, loud and colourful welcome as the baton arrived at the Maurice Bishop International Airport. It was greeted by a steel drum percussionist and a troupe of dancers from ‘The Grenada School of Dance’. To the soundtrack from two wooden drums, the girls twisted and twirled and threw themselves through the air with their brightly patterned skirts, creating a blur of colour in their wake as the sole male dancer played out a narrative.

Following their performance, these dancers took the baton onto Grand Anse Beach where they put on another performance, this time including the baton in the dance - passing it between them as they moved, with the male dancer twirling the baton between and around the girls. The colour of the twirling dresses, the pure white of the sand, the clear blue of the sea and the backdrop of St George’s town created a striking and memorable tableau.

Climbing up the hill, the baton was then taken to the top of the battlements at Fort George which stand looking out over the town of St George’s below. Built in 1705 the Fort is now mostly dilapidated but parts of it house much of the police force of Grenada. A row of cannons perch upon the turrets at the top which offers a grand view looking out over the bay below.

The climbing didn’t finish with Fort George as the baton continued to the highest point of the island, Grand E’tang, which stands about 860 meters above sea level. Here the Tivoli drummers, made up of four wooden drum drummers and three dancers, performed at the sight of the picturesque lake, with the dancers taking turns to dance with the baton.

The evening finished with a magnificent orb sunset setting over the horizon. At the water’s edge the baton was held triumphantly for some magical pictures.

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