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Day 211 - Malta

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The Queen’s Baton Relay made landfall on the island of Malta, the 211th day in the baton’s journey home to the United Kingdom. Athletes relayed the baton through the sun-baked streets of Melleiha, Rabat, Mdina, and Valletta and across the island of Gozo.

Malta National Olympic Committee Vice President Joe Cassar carried the Queen's Baton on a 'dghaysa tal pass' boat in Valletta Grand Harbour. Malta is nation 62 of 70 nations and territories the Queen's Baton will visit on it’s journey through the Commonwealth.   

The baton stepped back in time, being escorted by Mayor of Birgu John Boxall and the Inguardia Knights of St. John Re-enactment group. Knights marched, trumpets blew a fanfare and muskets fired in tribute to the island’s historic endeavours and celebrated the iconic symbol that is the Queen’s Baton.

Athlete Lara Scerri carried the baton to the Tal-Ggantija Neolithic temple, a UNESCO world heritage site and Alessandra Pace navigated the rocks at Dwejra to take the baton to the wondrous ‘azure window’ (rock arch) across the blue seas.

In Gozo at the Boys Secondary School, students sang opera and danced in celebration as the baton journeyed on through the island.

The Maltese people have famously fought against adversity; from the Great Siege in 1565 through to World War II when Malta was awarded a George Cross medal for bravery. The country is synonymous with determination and the island nation’s athletes will hope this national character shines through when this year’s Commonwealth Games takes place in Glasgow.

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