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Day 221 - Isle Of Man

The baton arrived on the Isle of Man ready for an action packed adventure that included our lovable mascot Clyde!

Arriving at the Buchan School, the Baton was carried around the Athletics track by the school’s pupils before Clyde joined in and started the biggest relay ever!

Castle Rushen is located in ‘Castletown’ – the Isle of Man’s ancient capital was next on the map for the Baton. The castle is one of the best preserved medieval castles in the whole of Europe. Local children took part in the ‘Castle Rushen challenge’ where they had a go at a range of medieval games and challenges – one of which was finding Clyde and the Queen’s Baton within the castle grounds!

On Friday night The One Show broadcast live from the Isle of Man and the show was all about the journey of the Queen’s Baton Relay.The Baton was joined by Alex Jones, Chris Evans, Iwan Thomas and Ross Noble on the show, and for those who missed it they can watch it on the BBC iPlayer.

The people of the Isle of Man turned out to support the Queen’s Baton Relay on live TV and wished it a well as it sped around the island.

Clyde Tuxedo

On the same evening Clyde donned his tux to attend the Isle of Man Commonwealth Games Association’s Fundraising Extravaganza dinner. He scrubbed up well and rubbed shoulders with the other well-dressed guests before the Baton made a quick appearance on its journey around the Isle of Man. 

The next day, the Baton made its way to the Manx Youth Games at the National Sport Centre on the island. The Manx Youth Games is the biggest multi-sport event for children on the Isle of Man and attracts over 1000 participants in 12 different sports.

It is open to children in school Year 2 - 9. Wearing brightly coloured t-shirts to represent each part of the island, the children went off to compete; Red – North, Orange – South, Blue – West, Green - Douglas South, Yellow - Douglas North.

The Baton was then subject to a Viking ambush as the Vikings of Mann took the baton in their longship around Peel Harbour before returning to the cultural centre, the House of Mannan. The centre celebrates the island’s rich Celtic, Viking and maritime past.

Towards the end of the Baton’s time on the island the RNLI Lifeboat Station and Tynwald Hill were next on the Baton’s agenda. Tynwald Hill being the last stop on the Baton’s adventure, the open air site being one of the oldest landmarks on the island and plays a large part in the culture of the Isle of Man and their yearly celebration of Tynwald Day.

Check out the journey around the Isle of Man in our flickr galley and other Commonwealth locations the Queen’s Baton Relay has visited. 

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