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Day 6 - Bangladesh

We've arrived in Bangladesh! And what a brilliant arrival and evening it has been. The Queen's Baton was met at the airport by pipe bands, tartan aplenty, bagpipes which didn't so much skirl as pipe Bangladeshi tunes, and military bands in splendid crisp white and sky blue uniforms.

But we weren't there just to be serenaded we also had a relay to follow! Bangladeshi athletes had turned out in numbers, all smiling and proud to carry the baton away from the airport and into Dhaka. Future stars carried the baton, grinning, passing it to their peers, who passed it to more youngsters, until the main road where the relay continued apace, before the baton mounted an open top vehicle, held firmly aloft by athletes including Emdadul Haque Milon, gold-medallist archer at the Youth Asian Games.

Into town we drove, passing cow markets bustling with people preparing for the religious festivities in the days to come, and through the city centre streets. Our police escorts clearing the infamous Dhaka traffic jams to let the baton through.

The evening ended with a lively and warm reception at the residence of the British High Commissioner H.E. Robert Gibson, with speeches by dignitaries, and photo sessions for the young athletes and children present, all of whom wished to touch the baton, the star of the evening. It's been such a great evening and arrival, that we're all eagerly looking forward to tomorrow. But first to bed, we may need our energy!

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