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Day 7 - Bangladesh

Relay Recap

The day began with a drive out to Savar, 35 kilometres from Dhaka, to take the baton to the National Martyrs' Memorial. There we met with young people from Aparajeyo Bangla (which translates as Invincible Bengal), an NGO supported by UNICEF which helps street children turn their lives around and provides accommodation for them in sheltered housing.

These young people, dressed in the Queen's Baton Relay batonbearer uniform, were of course keen to pose for photographs with the baton. Holding the baton aloft in the hard Bangladeshi sun with purpose, proudly raising it up, they showed the same determination and courage that has enabled them to turn their own lives around.

As the heat bore down, flowers were laid at the memorial by representatives of the Commonwealth Games Federation, the Queen's Baton Relay team, the Bangladesh Olympic Association and two children from Aparajeyo Bangla.

The drive back to Dhaka was memorable for the amount of cows we saw in roadside markets and on the backs of trucks, all being bought and sold, as part of tomorrow's Eid-Ul-Azha festivities.

In the evening, after a brief thunderstorm, the baton was special guest at a reception and cultural show, hosted by the Bangladesh Olympic Association. A representative of the BOA was presented with the baton's granite 'gemstone' as a memento of the visit to the country. With that gifting our unforgettable visit to Bangladesh came to a conclusion.

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