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Meet the Batonbearers

Information correct as of 6 June 2014

NameRouteDaysort descending
Grace ReidColdstream & Edinburgh1
Dean ReillyColdstream & Edinburgh1
Leon RendleColdstream & Edinburgh1
James RenwickColdstream & Edinburgh1
Kerry RenwickColdstream & Edinburgh1
Kenneth RitchieColdstream & Edinburgh1
George RossColdstream & Edinburgh1
Nathan RoulsonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Christopher RoulstonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Susan ScrimgeourColdstream & Edinburgh1
Christopher SellarColdstream & Edinburgh1
Luca Serafini-FracassiniColdstream & Edinburgh1
Carol SharpColdstream & Edinburgh1
Ronnie SloanColdstream & Edinburgh1
Allan SmithColdstream & Edinburgh1
Cameron SmithColdstream & Edinburgh1
Frances SmithColdstream & Edinburgh1
John SmithColdstream & Edinburgh1
Julia Stapleton BarnesColdstream & Edinburgh1
Elizabeth Steedman-DavidsonColdstream & Edinburgh1
William StevensonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Cara Targett-NessColdstream & Edinburgh1
Ben ThomsonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Christina ThomsonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Laura ThomsonColdstream & Edinburgh1
George ThorntonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Cameron WatsonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Kristina WatsonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Thomas WatsonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Elizabeth WellsColdstream & Edinburgh1
Heather WilliamsColdstream & Edinburgh1
Clare WilliamsonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Ellie-Louise WilsonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Kirsty WilsonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Craig WrightColdstream & Edinburgh1
Kieran CantleyColdstream & Edinburgh1
Ali KhanColdstream & Edinburgh1
Ben ThomsonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Caitlin HeathcoteColdstream & Edinburgh1
Caley HutchisonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Connor GarveyColdstream & Edinburgh1
Cameron WatsonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Luke PearceColdstream & Edinburgh1
Cara Targett-NessColdstream & Edinburgh1
Christopher DownieColdstream & Edinburgh1
Christopher RoulstonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Clare WilliamsonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Alastair GreigColdstream & Edinburgh1
Aidan Lynas BellColdstream & Edinburgh1
Kirsty WilsonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Leon RendleColdstream & Edinburgh1
Lorraine KellyColdstream & Edinburgh1
Luca Serafini-FracassiniColdstream & Edinburgh1
Kerry RenwickColdstream & Edinburgh1
Jack DrydenColdstream & Edinburgh1
Rohan GreenColdstream & Edinburgh1
Rhona FraserColdstream & Edinburgh1
Micheala McAlonieColdstream & Edinburgh1
Lunjika NyirendaColdstream & Edinburgh1
Adam MurrayColdstream & Edinburgh1
Michael GibsonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Faizan HaqColdstream & Edinburgh1
Emma ChittleburghColdstream & Edinburgh1
Eilidh ChildColdstream & Edinburgh1
Daley ThompsonColdstream & Edinburgh1
Iona ArmourColdstream & Edinburgh1
Samuel PooleyColdstream & Edinburgh1
Gavin HastingsColdstream & Edinburgh1
Stewart MellonWest Lothian2
Hannah McInnesWest Lothian2
Kenneth OmondWest Lothian2
Jack NapierWest Lothian2
Cameron DaleWest Lothian2
Laura PilkingtonWest Lothian2
Morgan LandelsWest Lothian2
Nicole JamesWest Lothian2
Pauline TelferWest Lothian2
Rhona CameronWest Lothian2
Gavin CochraneWest Lothian2
Gary McLearyWest Lothian2
Erin BrannanWest Lothian2
Anthony HoomanWest Lothian2
Agnes PetrieWest Lothian2
Adam PhilipWest Lothian2
Abbie CoplandWest Lothian2
Derek AdamsWest Lothian2
Ronald AndersonWest Lothian2
Shannon ArcherWest Lothian2
Alison AshfordWest Lothian2
Kathryn BaddeleyWest Lothian2
Matthew BallWest Lothian2
Craig BathgateWest Lothian2
Chloe BellWest Lothian2
Stephen BellWest Lothian2
Craig BensonWest Lothian2
Pauline BlakeyWest Lothian2
Erin BrannanWest Lothian2
Lee BrodieWest Lothian2
Scott BruceWest Lothian2
John BuchananWest Lothian2
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