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Meet the Batonbearers

Information correct as of 6 June 2014

Namesort descendingRouteDay
Angela ShearerAberdeenshire16
Bryony ShepherdAberdeenshire16
Barnaby SimpkinAberdeenshire16
Lisa SingletonAberdeenshire16
Alison SmithAberdeenshire16
Callum SmithAberdeenshire16
Lisa SmithAberdeenshire16
Kade SpencerAberdeenshire16
Alexander StandenAberdeenshire16
Joe SteelAberdeenshire16
Hannah StewartAberdeenshire16
Kelsey StewartAberdeenshire16
Neil StewartAberdeenshire16
Gillian StrachanAberdeenshire16
Emma ThoirsAberdeenshire16
Connie ThomsonAberdeenshire16
Dylan ThomsonAberdeenshire16
Glen ThomsonAberdeenshire16
Patricia ThomsonAberdeenshire16
William ThomsonAberdeenshire16
David UnderwoodAberdeenshire16
Caroline WalkerAberdeenshire16
Margaret WalkerAberdeenshire16
Harry WatsonAberdeenshire16
Ian WatsonAberdeenshire16
Bethany WattAberdeenshire16
Elizabeth WattAberdeenshire16
Mark WilliamsAberdeenshire16
Caitlain WilloxAberdeenshire16
John WillsAberdeenshire16
Fraser WoodAberdeenshire16
Layanna WrightAberdeenshire16
Colin YoungsonAberdeenshire16
Jacqueline YoungsonAberdeenshire16
Linda Anderson-KerrArgyll and Bute30
Jacqui BarkerArgyll and Bute30
Kirsty BarrettArgyll and Bute30
Justin BeattieArgyll and Bute30
Josephine BlincowArgyll and Bute30
Connor BoydArgyll and Bute30
Donalda BradburyArgyll and Bute30
Chrisopther BuetArgyll and Bute30
Catherine BurkeArgyll and Bute30
Liam ButlerArgyll and Bute30
John CampbellArgyll and Bute30
Tara ChristieArgyll and Bute30
Benjamin CoatesArgyll and Bute30
John CollinsArgyll and Bute30
Thomas ConnorArgyll and Bute30
Fiona CornerArgyll and Bute30
Alison CowanArgyll and Bute30
Robert CroweArgyll and Bute30
Alison CurrieArgyll and Bute30
Kyle DodsArgyll and Bute30
David DodsonArgyll and Bute30
Murray DoyleArgyll and Bute30
Jayne EganArgyll and Bute30
David FergusonArgyll and Bute30
Lyndsay FosterArgyll and Bute30
Megan FosterArgyll and Bute30
Robyn GageArgyll and Bute30
Mary GallowayArgyll and Bute30
Jennifer GoldArgyll and Bute30
Cara GormanArgyll and Bute30
Philippa HandleyArgyll and Bute30
Richard HendersonArgyll and Bute30
Sian HendersonArgyll and Bute30
Alasdair IrelandArgyll and Bute30
Craig JamiesonArgyll and Bute30
Kevin JohnsonArgyll and Bute30
Laura JohnstoneArgyll and Bute30
Helen JordanArgyll and Bute30
Elaine KellyArgyll and Bute30
Paul KerrArgyll and Bute30
Jacqueline KersleyArgyll and Bute30
Robert LamontArgyll and Bute30
Edward LaughtonArgyll and Bute30
Sam LawrieArgyll and Bute30
Russell LeeArgyll and Bute30
David LewisArgyll and Bute30
Liam LoganArgyll and Bute30
Dante LopezArgyll and Bute30
Jim LutomskiArgyll and Bute30
Bill MacCallumArgyll and Bute30
Karen MacCorquodaleArgyll and Bute30
Daniel MacDonaldArgyll and Bute30
Lewis MacFarlaneArgyll and Bute30
Caroline MacInnesArgyll and Bute30
Neil MacinnesArgyll and Bute30
Rebecca MacKinnonArgyll and Bute30
William MacKinnonArgyll and Bute30
Elizabeth MacLeanArgyll and Bute30
Amanda MacNeillArgyll and Bute30
Fraser MacNicolArgyll and Bute30
Rhona MacPheeArgyll and Bute30
Alison MacVicarArgyll and Bute30
Joanna MartinArgyll and Bute30
Jean MaskellArgyll and Bute30
Carolyn McAlpineArgyll and Bute30
Derek McCartanArgyll and Bute30
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