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Meet the Batonbearers

Information correct as of 6 June 2014

NameRoutesort descendingDay
Sarah BurgonWest Lothian2
Morag CameronWest Lothian2
Gary ClellandWest Lothian2
Frank ClementWest Lothian2
Gavin CochraneWest Lothian2
Abbie CoplandWest Lothian2
Angela CoulterWest Lothian2
Julia CrossWest Lothian2
Cameron DaleWest Lothian2
Alistair DalgleishWest Lothian2
Robert DalgleishWest Lothian2
Harry DayWest Lothian2
Natalie DiversWest Lothian2
Margaret FenwickWest Lothian2
Mark GibsonWest Lothian2
Kirsty GillespieWest Lothian2
Michael GlenWest Lothian2
Edward GoodfellowWest Lothian2
Elizabeth Lorna GrahamWest Lothian2
Ruth GriffinWest Lothian2
Sandra HardacreWest Lothian2
Thomas HarkinsWest Lothian2
Stuart HattonWest Lothian2
Alastair HayWest Lothian2
William HendersonWest Lothian2
Patricia HockleyWest Lothian2
Anthony HoomanWest Lothian2
Jo ImrieWest Lothian2
Geoffrey JacksonWest Lothian2
Lesley JakubiakWest Lothian2
Nicole JamesWest Lothian2
Maya KamatWest Lothian2
Hannah KeenanWest Lothian2
Morgan LandelsWest Lothian2
Graeme LawsonWest Lothian2
Diane LeighWest Lothian2
Marco LibrizziWest Lothian2
John LockhartWest Lothian2
Jodi LothianWest Lothian2
Josh MabonWest Lothian2
Alexander MacGilchristWest Lothian2
Morag MacLachlanWest Lothian2
Lorraine MalloyWest Lothian2
Lesley MaloneWest Lothian2
Derek MarshallWest Lothian2
Paul McAlpineWest Lothian2
Tracey McCardleWest Lothian2
Agnes McDonaldWest Lothian2
Marjory McGhieWest Lothian2
Catherine McGuireWest Lothian2
Hannah McInnesWest Lothian2
Sarah McKennaWest Lothian2
Andrew McLarenWest Lothian2
Julie McLarenWest Lothian2
Gary McLearyWest Lothian2
Hazel McLindenWest Lothian2
Stewart MellonWest Lothian2
Thomas MillerWest Lothian2
Kirsten Alex MillsWest Lothian2
Andrew MitchellWest Lothian2
David MoodyWest Lothian2
Jack NapierWest Lothian2
David O'NeillWest Lothian2
Elizabeth ParkWest Lothian2
Patricia PatersonWest Lothian2
Agnes PetrieWest Lothian2
Adam PhilipWest Lothian2
Laura PilkingtonWest Lothian2
John PlattWest Lothian2
Janet PurdieWest Lothian2
Eliza SandfordWest Lothian2
Sammy SaundersWest Lothian2
Julia SimpsonWest Lothian2
Kieran SmithWest Lothian2
Michael SmithWest Lothian2
Michael StewartWest Lothian2
Robert StrangWest Lothian2
Lewis TaitWest Lothian2
Nicole TaitWest Lothian2
Mark TalbotWest Lothian2
Gemma TelferWest Lothian2
Ryan ThomsonWest Lothian2
Carrie-Anne TugmanWest Lothian2
Kirsti WaddellWest Lothian2
Greg WelshWest Lothian2
Nicola WelshWest Lothian2
Gary WhitfieldWest Lothian2
Linzi WilliamsonWest Lothian2
Abbie WilsonWest Lothian2
Cameron WrightWest Lothian2
Lisa AllanMidlothian3
Martin AllanMidlothian3
Thomas AllanMidlothian3
Calum ArchibaldMidlothian3
Ryan ArchibaldMidlothian3
Daniel BaigrieMidlothian3
Mary BannermanMidlothian3
Vivian BlackMidlothian3
Elizabeth BodmanMidlothian3
Louise BorthwickMidlothian3
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