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Meet the Batonbearers

Information correct as of 6 June 2014

Namesort descendingRouteDay
Fiona McCartanArgyll and Bute30
Carole McChleryArgyll and Bute30
Ryan McCuaigArgyll and Bute30
Elaine McGeachyArgyll and Bute30
Ian McGeachyArgyll and Bute30
James McLoughlinArgyll and Bute30
Stuart McQuakerArgyll and Bute30
Colin MillarArgyll and Bute30
Robert MillerArgyll and Bute30
Michael Mitchell ColemanArgyll and Bute30
Ellise MorrisonArgyll and Bute30
Craig NobesArgyll and Bute30
Sara O'DonnellArgyll and Bute30
Jacqueline ParkerArgyll and Bute30
Catherine PatersonArgyll and Bute30
David PatersonArgyll and Bute30
Tara PollockArgyll and Bute30
Gillian PurdieArgyll and Bute30
Joan ReynoldsArgyll and Bute30
Sophie RitchieArgyll and Bute30
Leon SempleArgyll and Bute30
Iona ShanksArgyll and Bute30
Lucy ShearerArgyll and Bute30
Grace SmithArgyll and Bute30
Kevin SmithArgyll and Bute30
Jenna SpeirsArgyll and Bute30
David StateArgyll and Bute30
Stewart TacchiArgyll and Bute30
Ian WaterworthArgyll and Bute30
Barbara WhyteArgyll and Bute30
William YoungArgyll and Bute30
Megan YuillArgyll and Bute30
Julia AdamsonClackmanannshire12
Robert AndersonClackmanannshire12
Ian AshClackmanannshire12
Ian BarkerClackmanannshire12
Jane BarrClackmanannshire12
Angela BeardsleyClackmanannshire12
Lyndsay BoydClackmanannshire12
Katherine Bruce-JonesClackmanannshire12
Sheila BullochClackmanannshire12
Morna CampbellClackmanannshire12
Natalie CarrollClackmanannshire12
John ChrostonClackmanannshire12
Kenneth CookClackmanannshire12
Richard CookClackmanannshire12
Adam CoxClackmanannshire12
Margaret DanielsClackmanannshire12
Roderick DavidsonClackmanannshire12
Lesley DawsonClackmanannshire12
Meggan Dawson-FarrellClackmanannshire12
Jon DoigClackmanannshire12
Alexander DouglasClackmanannshire12
Jean DuncanClackmanannshire12
Hannah EcclesClackmanannshire12
Joanne EcclesClackmanannshire12
Anne-Marie GavinClackmanannshire12
John GlencrossClackmanannshire12
Mitchell GrahamClackmanannshire12
Alison GrantClackmanannshire12
Karen GrossartClackmanannshire12
Karen GullenClackmanannshire12
Scott HarrisonClackmanannshire12
Derek HartleyClackmanannshire12
Shannon HawkeClackmanannshire12
Alan HunterClackmanannshire12
Aisling HurleyClackmanannshire12
Alexander JackClackmanannshire12
Elizabeth JacksonClackmanannshire12
Erin KeirClackmanannshire12
Ben KingClackmanannshire12
Robert LawClackmanannshire12
Fiona LeeClackmanannshire12
Isaac LowryClackmanannshire12
Carolyn LukeClackmanannshire12
Marjorie MacFarlaneClackmanannshire12
Thomas MackClackmanannshire12
Rose-Marie MacPhersonClackmanannshire12
Donald MalcolmClackmanannshire12
Shona MalcolmClackmanannshire12
John MartinClackmanannshire12
Kevin MartinClackmanannshire12
William McAulayClackmanannshire12
Suzanne McCouatClackmanannshire12
Eleanor McGlashanClackmanannshire12
Jennifer McIntoshClackmanannshire12
Seonaid McIntoshClackmanannshire12
Scott McKayClackmanannshire12
Mairi McKellarClackmanannshire12
Colin McLarenClackmanannshire12
Michelle McLeanClackmanannshire12
Rose McLellan-DallyClackmanannshire12
Linda McLeodClackmanannshire12
Erin McNeillClackmanannshire12
Kristy McQuaterClackmanannshire12
Louise MillerClackmanannshire12
Kenny MitchellClackmanannshire12
Brian MortonClackmanannshire12
Janet MortonClackmanannshire12
Barry MunroClackmanannshire12
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