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Clyde-siders Q&A

Q. Why has this name been chosen for the volunteers?

A. The name was chosen by the Glasgow 2014 frontrunners, the pre-Games volunteers who conducted all of the volunteer interviews, who were consulted about the most fitting choice in an informal survey.

The inspiration for the name is the success of Clyde, the official Glasgow 2014 Mascot. The friendly faces of our volunteers are, in effect, operating at Clyde’s side. Beyond that it is a nod to the famous river which runs through the heart of Glasgow, the host city of the Games.

Q. How many people will be offered the chance to be volunteers?

A. We are seeking up to 15,000 volunteers. The actual number of volunteer offers may be higher than this to allow for attrition.

Q. Why are they not called Games Makers?

A. This is a term identified with the London 2012 Olympics and is not a generic term for Games volunteers. We hope that clyde-siders has the same positive association with Glasgow 2014. We feel that having a name helps to give the volunteers an identity during the Games.

Q. Will the volunteers have a uniform?

A. Yes. Renowned outdoor clothing manufacturer Trespass is the Official Casual Uniform Provider to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Workforce.

This will include the design, manufacture and supply of outfits to be worn by Glasgow 2014’s up to 15,000 volunteers as well as members of the Games workforce.

Q. How many of those interviewed were not offered a volunteer position?

A. Glasgow 2014 is grateful for the commitment shown by everybody who attended interview.

With 50,811 for up to 15,000 positions we were never going to be able to accommodate every applicant.

As of October 7 we are informing people if they have a Games Time role. This is the start of the process of letting people know. It is a mass recruitment programme so takes a long time to get to everyone.

Glasgow 2014 is unable to provide feedback on individual applications.

Q. How will successful applicants be told?

A. There is a phased approach to issuing role offers starting in October 2013. This will be largely complete by January 2014. A smaller number of role offers will be made beyond this date, predominantly for specialist positions. Candidates have four weeks to respond to their offer.

Q. What if a successful candidate wants to change their role?

A. All candidates will be encouraged to accept their initial role offer.

This is a mass recruitment. If people do not accept their role offer there will be other applicants to fill them.

Q. Are you still interviewing then?

A. We will continue to interview right up until December. As before, this will be using our frontrunners, pre-Games volunteers. About 300 volunteers in total have interviewed all would-be volunteers.

Q. How many are being told today (October 7)?

A. There will only be several hundred people who hear today, but going forward we will communicate with more than a thousand people a week.

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