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Queen's Baton Relay - Supporters' Kit

Let's Hear You

Welcome to the Queen’s Baton Relay Supporters’ Kit. As the relay will soon be passing near you, in here you’ll find everything you need to help support the baton on the final leg of its journey.

All you have to do is download the items in this kit, then take to the streets and cheer as loudly as you can when the Queen’s Baton Relay goes past. So come on, let’s hear you.

» Download the Queen's Baton Relay Supporters' Kit

What's in the kit

You’ll find something for everyone in here. There’s fun stuff for the kids to do, things that you can cut out and make, plus lots of message boards – which you can hold up as you cheer on the baton. Here’s a full list of everything in your kit.

Clyde Mask: in case you haven’t heard, Clyde is the cheeky Commonwealth Games mascot. He’ll be making special appearances all over Scotland - and popping up during the Queen’s Baton Relay. Just download your very own Clyde, and follow the simple instructions to make his mask.

Colour in Clyde: for a bit of extra fun, you can download Colour in Clyde for your kids. Instructions are on the sheet.

Headband: cheering on the baton might make you hot. So, it’s just as well you can download your very own headband - either for your kids, or you to wear.

Crown: as it is the Queen’s Baton Relay, it’s the perfect occasion for you to crown yourself. Just download and follow the easy steps to put your special crown together.

Megaphone: what better way to cheer on the baton than with a megaphone? This is easy to make and means that you’ll be heard by everyone. Let’s hear you.

Supporter's Number: to help you really feel part of the games fun, you can download a supporter’s number. This looks similar to the numbers that the athletes will wear when they’re competing in the games. All you have to do is cut it out and pin it onto your top.

Message Boards: you can download a whole load of fun messages to hold up as the baton goes by.

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