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Transport plan launched

Transport for Glasgow 2014 athletes will become legacy for the city

Glasgow 2014 and Glasgow City Council have published the first of three versions of the Transport Plan for public consultation between now and the Games.  The first Transport Plan, launched today, details how the organisers for the Games will ensure that spectator and athletes’ transport is safe, secure, reliable and accessible, and that Glasgow and Scotland will ‘keep moving’ during the Games.

The Games organisers are committed to developing a service that is efficient and frequent and promotes sustainable modes of transport.

Throughout the Games period, transport will play a crucial role for those enjoying the Games, those working at the Games, and those competing at the Games.  The Transport Plan sets out what each group’s requirements are likely to be, and the public transport solution that Glasgow will be able to provide in 2014 to deliver an outstanding Games.

Glasgow will host 4,500  athletes who will require transportation between the Athletes’ Village, training venues and competition venues.  Athletes will travel in minibuses or coaches, which will use, where neccessary, dedicated lanes – known as the Core Route Network - to ensure they are given priority over other traffic in a similar way buses are in bus lanes. These lanes will form part of a larger dedicated Games Route Network that will also be used by people working on the Games. 

After the Games, most of the 20km that form the Core Route Network will be transformed into priority bus lanes.  The permanent improvements will also include:

• New bus shelters; • Improved information and signage along the route; • Improved public safety through additional CCTV; • Smoother flow of traffic following evaluation and changes to traffic light phasing; • Reduced pressure on “pinch point” junctions.

Glasgow 2014 Chief Executive John Scott said: “Athletes are central to the Games – without them, the Games couldn’t take place.  Ensuring that Glasgow, as the Host City, gets star athletes like Chris Hoy and Usain Bolt where they need to be at the right time in order to train and compete is of paramount importance.

“We aim to get athletes to all of the Glasgow venues within 20 minutes of the Athletes’ Village, so they spend their time competing, and not commuting.  Games Route Networks have proved time and again at both Olympic and Commonwealth Games that they are essential to ensuring athletes will reach their destination on time. 

“Not only will we be fulfilling a critical role to deliver an outstanding Games, but we are using the investment to deliver a lasting and

permanent legacy for the people of Glasgow.”

Councillor Archie Graham, Deputy Leader of Glasgow City Council and Executive Member for the Commonwealth Games, said:

"Transport will obviously be a key component of delivering a successful Commonwealth Games and this plan is an important first step on that journey.

"The Games gives Glasgow some great opportunities to develop and expand the projects we are already delivering to promote public transport use; reduce our reliance on the private car, and improve air quality.

"Thousands of people travelling in and around the city are already getting a faster and more reliable service, including those who rely on bus travel the most. We will be working with Glasgow 2014 and other Games Partners to ensure the city not only moves smoothly during the Games, but enjoys the benefits for generations to come."

The Transport Plan is being made available for download  via the Glasgow 2014 web site, or viewable in printed form at libraries and other Council premises across Glasgow. Comments should be submitted using the feedback form and emailed or posted to the address below, before the closing date of 25 March 2011.

A comprehensive list of all comments received along with the action taken in response will be maintained and the relevant feedback included in the publication of Version 2 of the Transport Strategic Plan in 2011.

2014 Transport Strategic Plan Feedback Land & Environmental Services Glasgow City Council Exchange House 231 George Street Glasgow G1 1RX.

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