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Back home and back to reality!

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That's me finally back home and back to reality.

WOWWW! What an experience that was!

We arrived in Delhi late Tuesday night and my first impression was wow, the heat!! After travelling an hour or so to our hotel, 'The Claridges' - which was absolutely stunning (I felt like royalty!), we settled in our rooms to got a good rest for the busy day ahead.

On Wednesday, we waited for the rest of the cast to arrive and then visited the JLN Stadium, which was where we would be performing the following day!

It was a long journey to the stadium and was a real eye-opener to the way of life over there. It was clear to see that they took great pride in their mosques and markets.

The stadium was enormous and, looking around, never did I ever think that all 60,000 seats would be filled! Everyone was buzzing after getting a tour and I was majorly excited to perform!

Thursday - this was the day we had all been waiting for. What an unforgettable day it was!

We arrived early around 9am to participate in Delhi's rehearsal and stayed in the stadium all day until our performance. Standing on the Field of Play waiting to perform was a mixture of emotions. Nerves were kicking in but adrenaline was kicking in big time too! And WOW was it worth every minute of the sweat, heat and tears!

I cannot begin to explain what it feels like to perform in front of the world, literally, it was just surreal! The atmosphere was breathtaking and the crowd roared when we created the Scotland flag with fabric on the Field of Play.

Flashing lights and cameras everywhere, thousands of faces in the stands, cheers of pride and encouragement, surround sound music booming from all around, it was amazing but nothing could beat the feeling of pride we had when we knew we put on a good show. I still can't believe it was all real!

Throughout our stay, we made so many new friends, took so many pictures to capture all the memories and put on an incredible performance, showcasing Glasgow to the world.

Everyone was so welcoming and polite. I truly recommend anyone to get involved in the Games in Glasgow 2014 because after that incredible experience I wanna do it every day! Truly, I had the time of my life and I'm soo grateful for having had this amazing opportunity.

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