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First week at Bootcamp

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First day of Bootcamp was a long but fantastic one. It was a lot of fun and has been since, really enjoyable as everything is new and exciting.  We got to meet all of the cast members who have come from all over Scotland and we worked on a whole variety of teamwork tasks that are basically training us to follow instruction and work in synchronicity with each other. It is actually amazing to experience.

We also got introduced to all of the team, the choreographers who are very cool and the stage management team, who are super organised!  Fortunately, we got a brief sneaky peak of the actual performance of what we will be putting together over the next few weeks but a lot of details are still to be revealed.  I think this was really cool as it has kept me intrigued to what surprises that the performance still has in store for us all! I really enjoyed it what we saw and I am ecstatic about being part of this.

Over the last two weeks we've been doing a lot of teamwork so we can adapt to working with a mass cast ie. Teamwork tasks and even a dance off! Death by drill! It was absolutely hilarious. All of the cast members got so into it and the girl who won, based on taking instruction from Steve, the head choreographer, and doing everything perfectly, got lifted up and carried up by all the cast

We have also been taking quite a bit of time to work with our props especially, as all of it is new to everyone. However, everyone has been working really hard and it’s all coming together.

Today was our first run of the show so far (about halfway) which went surprisingly well!

I've gained a lot from this experience so far, not only new skills and techniques, but especially new friends, particularly my "cluster" group B2 who have been having an absolute ball since day 1.

Its going to be an amazing feeling performing in Delhi, I'm already feeling the energy and we're only through the first part of bootcamp. It truly is something else when you have over 346 people marching in sync, it’s just such an awesome feeling! Everyone has been learning everything really quickly, so the way I see it, the only way is up! 

I'm just really excited to go to Delhi now and to put on an amazing show, showcasing Scotland and undoubtedly having the most amazing eight minutes of my entire life.

I can’t tell you how proud I am to be a part of this.

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