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First week at Bootcamp

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I started Bootcamp really with no idea what to expect. I understood the scale of the piece we were attempting to take on and produce but I had not anticipated just what that process would be.

Arriving at Scotstoun and seeing everyone in their different coloured bibs made me realise just how big this was. Seeing people from all over our country with just as varied backgrounds was pretty awesome as an opener to the experience. As we progressed on into actual choreography and drill work I started to feel just the kind of group energy the project would need. It was very exciting to be in a space with so many people dedicated to the same goal of creating this performance.

We have been doing a load of different tasks and routines that will be slotted into the final product when ready. The method of teaching is quite cool I think. You are not taught "the show" but rather the techniques and skills you will need to be involved in it. Whether you are responsible for Structure work or Fabric work, everyone receives a base knowledge of their role so that no matter what changes happen in the show we can deal with them. The thought that the show will be cued on the night and that we have to be utterly adaptable for change is quite frightening but also it makes me feel proud to be given such a responsibility.

The project has already given me a number of different challenges and rewards and we're only at the end of week 1. I think working as part of a mass cast of people is something I will probably never experience to this scale again. It is a very visceral, barbaric feeling you get when 400 odd of you are all marching in the same direction at the same time. It really is a massive force. However understanding how to be a part of that is also hard as you are just  a face in the crowd at the end of the day, nothing is 'I' or 'Me', everything is about 'the team' and what's best which is a really refreshing way of approaching a performance. Another is keeping energy going. Even the most enthusiastic of us are wilting at times as there is a lot of planning and plotting and revising and rehearsing and re-doing of things to be done and it can be hard to stay constantly motivated when there is just an empty hall, no audience, to keep you going.

I suppose actually going to Delhi is the next big thing to be thinking of, now we know roughly what it is that we're doing there. I am very excited to see Delhi. I love, on a personal level, experiencing new cultures and seeing new places and it is undeniably one of the biggest culture pots in the world. Also I am very certain that the show we produce will be phenomenal and that I will be absolutely raving when we're up there doing it. It still seems a bit like a mental dream but it's something I am still desperately looking forward to. Not long now . . .

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