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First week at Bootcamp

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The first part of Bootcamp has been really good. Quite hectic as we are learning so much. We have been working with all the Crew and have really enjoyed seeing how it is all coming together. I really like working with my team and we are dealing with quite a complicated part of the performance, but my team are a great bunch and I am really getting on well with them all. We keep each other going. I have really enjoyed it so far.

We have being getting taught some really complicate choreograph which is quite exhausting mentally because you really have to pay attention. The choreographers are really good though. I have met some great people and I really enjoyed The Ceilidh with all the Cast and Crew. It was brilliant.

I feel like I am really getting loads out of the experience of Bootcamp. The experience of doing something that’s much bigger than just you and being part of a huge team, but all working together. It’s an opportunity that would just be too great to pass up.

I am really excited about going to Delhi but I don’t think it will sink in until I am on a plane and then I will actually believe it!

The truth is I am just desperate to get there now and actually show people our performance. It is amasing and now I just want the world to see it.

I think that we will make Scotland very proud.

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