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First week at Bootcamp

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From the first day at Bootcamp all the cast members had no idea what we would end up doing and what we would have to achieve during the three weeks of all the training for the ceremony. 

We all have the task of remembering our positions on the field of play, through the teaching method of “we do not teach things twice” cause we only have three weeks to learn the full show. In addition you have a large amount to remember you are advised to have a pen and take notes.
As a sculpture cast member, handling the giant props, I think I speak for all of us  when I say that we have a challenging task learning exactly what we are doing with the props and controlling them with the challenges that our beautiful weather which has been typical Scottish days of wind, sun and rain at the same time. Our most challenging point so far, would be the late night that we were outside in the pouring rain!
Although the weather has been down the spirit of the cast members is great as were all having a good time getting to know one another, and helps when you know the names of the people you’re working with and have  just about got to grips with who all of my team are now.
While we have our 9am starts and from the day before everyone is exhausted there’s always the morning warm-up. This has been interesting with us doing normal stretching to the time warp and the every fantastic Morris which gets us doing our press-ups plus core strength that builds up a sweat before we get to work.
I can’t wait to get the Bootcamp finished  and get out there to Delhi for the performance, but we still have plenty of hard work to pull it together. Delhi will have namy sights to see through its culture and history and we have been briefed about the trip and transport there and the good accommodation that we all have.
So far I have gained new skills, new friends, worked hard but it has been a lot of fun. I can’t wait to get to Delhi!

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