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First week at Bootcamp

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It has been an amazing at Bootcamp so far.  There is so much to remember, and such a lot to do in such a short space of time! However everyone seems to be coping extremely well and we are on all on schedule for the Delhi 2010 Flag Handover Ceremony.

The only problem has been the totally unpredictable Scottish weather!  There’s a surprise! The weather is making the sculpture cast job a bit tricky, this is the part of the cast who are handling the giant props that are the centrepiece. However they have all coped admirably with the wind, the rain and the odd late evening rehearsal.
The early mornings are proving to be really hard for me as i need to go to work before i go to boot camp and this means a 6 o'clock start at work in the morning.
Everyone has been fab at motivating each other and the crew have given us really fun warm up's in the morning to get us all in the right frame of mind. The conditioning pogramme is quite simple but very effective.
The hardest part of boot camp is trying to remember everyone's names. We have now started calling each other by bib number! I have gotten to know all the people in my team relly well and so far the banter is amazing we have truly become one big large family.
The physical damands are not too bad. However I did manage to sustain a hamstring injury which is basically a pain in the wotsit however everyone has been very understanding, sympathetic and very supportive
Sometimes we are required to sit by the side lines whilst other groups push on but this is only because the sculpture cast work really well together and have moved on so quickly.
Team managment, choreography, Steve Boyd, the head choreographer and cast coordinators are so organised that everything just seems to fall into place. It is great working with such an amazing  world class team.
I don't think that anyone truly knew what was expected of them and some people may have thought that this would be an easy ride and a holday to India … this is  definitely is not the case as Steve would say "we tell ya it to you once, and the rest is up to you". This is soo true! You need to keep yourself up to date with everything that is going on and really stay focussed.
I am committing a lot of time to this project and have had to make a making a lot of sacrifices in terms of juggling work and family commitments.
But the real truth of th e matter is, to be representing Scotland, and Glasgow in  particular is such an amazing honour and i am so glad that i made the decision to apply to be a cast member. I am forming lots of friendships and i know that this experience will quite literally sculpt a new chapter in my life. I know that this experience will stay with me for a long time to come.
Gina Beck
Very proud Cast Member

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