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A life changing experience

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My first impressions of Delhi were - I need air conditioning, fast and now! It was very humid. The city, what we saw of it, was full of amazing architecture and just seemed so full of history and culture. You could feel it was a very vibrant and busy city. The first things we did were check into our hotel, get to know our living environment and see our stage, the JLN Stadium.

I feel that I have learned so much. In fact so much, you wouldn't even believe it!

I have learned many things. Improved communication skills, team work, punctuality, respect and personally, I feel like I have gained so much confidence!

Every bit of my being was excited for the performance and I was not disappointed. It was awesome and nothing like I have ever experienced before.

The performance itself was breathtaking and I experienced a sense of euphoria. It went so well and to hear so many people screaming and cheering made us all feel really proud.

The overall experience was amazing. The cast were fantastic! The production team were fantastic and, from beginning to end, I felt honoured and proud. The Bootcamp was quite mentally draining but the hard work was so worthwhile. I would definitely volunteer again, no doubt!!

The Games coming to Glasgow will be great, both economically and socially. The whole of Glasgow and Scotland should be proud and grateful that we are hosting the Games in 2014 and I, myself hope, with hard work and sheer determination that I will be competing! Watch this space!!

It has been a great experience and I am so honoured to have been a part of it.

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