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Lord Smith of Kelvin

Lord Smith


It was absolutely exhilarating.

I spent the day in London earlier this week taking a tour of the Olympic Park, which was an unforgettable experience. Stepping inside the Velodrome at the really hit home what a fantastic event is going to be taking place there in less than 12 months time. You could almost imagine Chris Hoy whizzing around the track, going for gold in front of a packed home support. It's a phenomenal structure both inside and out and a year out from the games it's all but ready for the action to take place.

London 2012's partnership with Glasgow 2014 is one of the most exciting aspects of the build up to the Olympics for me. They're sharing stories both good and bad with us, we'll be using some of the equipment and a lot of people from Glasgow 2014 will learn a lot of lessons from the Olympic Games next year.

I was in the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome last week to celebrate Three Years to Go and although it is very much still under construction, you can see the foundations of a track which is going to host some of the best competition in world cycling in 2014. Seeing the venue develop is fantastic and although we're three years out from the Commonwealth Games, you can really see things coming together in the East End of our city.

The track cycling venue for Glasgow 2014 will be complete well before our Games, playing host to the best young track cyclists on the planet at the Junior World Track Cycling Championships in 2013. I’m sure that once the venue is complete next year, entering the Sir Chris Hoy velodrome for the first time will evoke similar emotions.

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