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The moment we found out we were going to Delhi

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I first heard about the Handover Ceremony through my youth support worker who told me that the Flag Handover team were looking for people from different areas of Scotland to take part and represent Scotland at the Delhi Flag Handover. It sounded like a fantastic once in a life time experience so I decided to fill the application form stating why I would like to go and how I think I could contribute.

To be involved in something like this is truly amazing as it’s like nothing I have ever done to before and will be a new challenge and that is always good. To gain such a rare experience and opportunity is something I am relishing to do and will grab with both hands. I am excited about going to Delhi were we will be able to see different cultures from ours and integrate with people from all over the World. Also on the bigger picture, to be able to be part of a team that’s going out to represent Scotland, show and invite the world into Scottish culture for the Games in 2014 will also be exciting so am geared and ready for the challenge.

So far in preparing for Delhi, I have taken part in the Orientation which involved trying out costumes, taking photos, giving the Handover Team my medical details and generally getting ready for our performance. Whilst at the Orientation I was amazed by the huge number of people involved and the presentation we were given, it sort of put the huge scale of what we were doing into context. Next up is Bootcamp, which I think will be fun but suspect will involve rigorous training in order for us to deliver a breathtaking performance to the World. I consider myself to be already fit but I will need to make sure my dance moves are in sync and top form! For me, my drive comes from knowing that this will be an amazing experience. I have always been taught to make the most of what I have and grab any opportunity given to me in which I can excel and develop myself personally whilst also making others proud. Only this time it will be the whole of Scotland!

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