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Peter Kirkbride – Glasgow 2014 is going to be massive for me

Peter Kirkbride

I love being up there doing my thing on the platform. It was incredible in Delhi in 2010 where I managed to pick up a silver medal. London 2012 was special as it was a home Olympics but I can’t imagine what Glasgow is going to be like next year.

I live a fairly simple life – I train hard in the gym, take my dog Kilo for walks and I’ve also taken up a little side project ahead of the Games. Before the Olympics I started teaching myself the bagpipes. I took a few lessons but it had to go on to the back-burner in the build up to the Olympics. I’ve nailed down Scotland the Brave and Flower of Scotland. I’m going to start the lessons back up soon and hopefully get up to a level where I can bring the pipes to the Games in 2014.

I had a great day in Glasgow last week working with Irn-Bru for the launch of their new Glasgow 2014 commemorative can. I’m a massive fan of the drink and it was great to re-enact the Adam Brown pose in front of the SECC where I’m hoping to compete next summer.

I had an amazing experience during the London 2012 Olympics. The highlight for me was the Opening Ceremony. That’s when it really hit home where I was and the people I was in the same team as – it was a special night.

Competing was a mixed bag for me. I tore my bicep and ligaments and bruised the bone in my left arm. During the second snatch I never locked my left arm out properly and it twisted. I then did it again, which made it worse. But I still managed to finish with a season PB, which was a positive.

That’s me with a clean bill of health from the doctors and physios and we’re working at getting me up to 100% for competition.
The focus is now on the big one in Glasgow next year. A lot more people are asking about the Commonwealth Games. I need to do the qualifier in competition and then I’ll be getting ready for one of the biggest competitions of my career. I’ve not been inside the SECC yet but I saw it from outside last week. Hopefully my first time inside will be next year, lifting big weights in front of a packed crowd.

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