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Sport Your Trainers - The Provan family

We’ve had an incredible response to our Sport Your Trainers campaign, and the activity on our official Facebook page,, has been amazing. Pledges have come in from far and wide and we’ve even crowned some of our supporters “Fan of the Week” based on their brilliant pledges and enthusiasm for the Games. 

We thought we’d catch up with previous “Fans of the Week”, the Provan family from Glasgow, to find out if they are still Sporting their Trainers. 

Mum Jennifer Provan has ensured that the family have stepped up their activity levels:

“We’ve ditched the car in favour of our trainers and walked to and from school every day, ever since we found out that Glasgow 2014 had picked us as Fans of the Week. The kids were over the moon to be featured on your Facebook page and I was instructed to print out their photograph to show proudly to their classmates.”

Jennifer and husband Graeme have three children in all: Lindsay, aged 10, Jessica, 6, and Harrison, 4, and the whole family is supporting the Games: 

“We think it’s fantastic that the Commonwealth Games are being held in Glasgow. It’s a great honour for the city and Glaswegians are world-renowned for their friendliness so we will do the Games proud. 

“The kids have all got behind the Games by choosing their favourite sport from the 17 included, and although our initial pledge was to go swimming at least twice a week (a favourite activity of Lindsay’s), we’ve also taken up cycling at Jessica’s request, with most weekends spent at the park on our bikes. And Harrison is learning all about rugby with his Dad.

“Even on blustery days, we’re making sure that the kids are as active as possible, and on 12 March we will be proudly “Sporting our Trainers” all day. The kids have all pledged to continue with all our activities and more after Commonwealth Day, so it’s been fantastic for the whole family.” 

It’s great to hear of such dedication from the Provan family, and we can’t wait to see more photos and updates on their pledge on Facebook. Good luck from all at Glasgow 2014!

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