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Cargo, Camera...Action!


Cargo, Camera… ACTION!’ is an exhilarating multi-media project which will take over a stretch of the Clyde walkway during Festival 2014. In anticipation of this exciting event, Glasgow Film Festival will be hosting an exciting preview of specially commissioned, unique artist collaborations.

Innovative Glasgow arts collective 85A set the theme for the evening with their provocative brand of installation art. Short films and snippets will be showcased from projects by the Centre for the Moving Image, marking the centenary of legendary animator Norman McLaren as well as the Africa in Motion Film Festival, whilst live music will fuel the party atmosphere.

To headline the evening, King Creosote will unveil his enchanting new musical accompaniment in collaboration with filmmaker Virginia Heath, using archive footage from the Scottish Screen Archive, and produced by Faction North.

Production manager, Dom Hastings of Cargo, Camera… ACTION! said “Join us for this magnificent taster of one of the spectacular highlights of Festival 2014.”

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