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clyde-sider of the week - Karen Davidson

clyde-sider of the week - Karen Davidson

What’s your name and where are you from?

My name’s Karen Davidson and I’m from Kirknewton in West Lothian.

Are people in Kirknewton excited about Glasgow 2014?

Yes, lots of people are talking about who’ll be attending the Games.

What Clyde-sider role have you been offered?

Print Distribution Team member and Commentator Information System Team member.

Where will you be based?

I’ll be based at Ibrox for the Rugby Sevens and then Hampden for Track & Field Athletics.

What are you most looking forward to about your role?

Being a part of helping make the Games a huge success and meeting new people - just everything really!

Why did you want to be a Clyde-sider in the first place?

I was part of the Junior squad for swimming in Games '86 and don't remember much. I love sport and wanted to be a part of this amazing event - it’s on my doorstep so it’s a chance in a lifetime to take part. Plus it’s my 40th in August 2014 what a build up to that!

Have you visited Glasgow before? If so what’s your favourite thing about the city?

I have family who live in Glasgow so I visit frequently and also go to Hampden for sporting events. I love the culture as it’s different to Edinburgh!

If you won a gold medal, what would your celebration song be?

Fame – I’m Gonna Live Forever!

Can you sum up what you think Glasgow 2014 will be like in 3 words?

Absolutely Fantastic Event.

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