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My Sport – Gymnastics

Rebecca Stewart

12-year-old Rebecca Stewart has liked gymnastics ever since she was little. We asked her tell us a little bit more about a sport that requires a huge amount of strength and determination, as well as a supportive crowd.

Why are you a fan of gymnastics?

I love gymnastics because it is very much a team sport. Everybody supports each other and cheers everyone else on. It is also a fun sport because you don't always have to do the same thing – there are lots of different moves and tumbles to try!

What’s the best thing about watching gymnastics live?

The best thing about watching gymnastics live is the crowd participation. Everyone cheers and gasps if someone does something amazing and everyone feels bad if someone makes a mistake. If someone falls over everyone cheers them on to keep going no matter what country or club they're from.

Who’s your gymnastics hero?

My gymnastics hero is Beth Tweddle because she is such a hard worker and a national hero. She is also a bit like me because she only joined gymnastics for something to do and now she does lots of competitions. I would like to be like her.

What’s your best memory from watching or taking part in gymnastics?

My best memory from gymnastics is when I was at the British Acro Championships and me and my partner had just found out that we had won the silver medal. She hugged me so hard I thought she was going to strangle me!

Which gymnastics star should people look out for at Glasgow 2014?

I think people should look out for Beckie Downie. Although she was out for a while, she's back and better than ever!!! She has also got a new bar routine, which I looked at and thought was very good.

Why should people who don’t know anything about gymnastics buy tickets to watch it at Glasgow 2014?

I think people who don't know much about the sport should come and watch because some of the moves professional gymnasts can do are amazing! You don't need to know much about gymnastics to enjoy watching it.

What are some common misconceptions about gymnastics?

Some of the common misconceptions people make is that all gymnastics is bars, beams and so on, but this isn't true. There are lots of different types of gymnastics – Acrobatic, Rhythmic, Team Gym, Trampolining and many more.

Some people also think that that gymnastics is girly. It takes a lot of strength and determination to do. Just ask any male gymnast!

Can you sum up what Glasgow 2014 will be like in three words?

Amazing, fun spectacular.

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