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My Sport – Squash

Amie Bruce

Amie Bruce has been playing squash since she was 10 years old. She told us why it’s such an exciting sport to watch and why it requires a lot of intelligence to play.

Why are you a fan of squash?

It’s one of the fastest sports around, so it’s always full of excitement. I also like that squash is an indoor sport, so I can enjoy it whatever the weather.

What’s the best thing about watching squash live?

You have to watch every second of the game to make sure you don't miss anything, but I also love the way that no matter how fast-paced the game is, players seem to manage to avoid getting in the way of each other most of the time.

Who’s your squash hero?

Peter Nicol. I live in Aberdeen and that’s where he grew up. He held the world number one position for a total of 60 months – that’s longer than I have been playing squash!

Which squash players should people watch out for at Glasgow 2014?

All of them. Squash can be unpredictable, and when played at such a high level at an event like Glasgow 2014, many players will up their game.

Why should people who don’t know anything about squash buy tickets to watch it at Glasgow 2014?

The atmosphere will be amazing and no matter who is playing, there will be an extremely high level of squash on show.

What are some common misconceptions about squash?

That if you can play a different racquet sport you will automatically be good at squash. All racquet sports need different attributes.

The level of intelligence needed to perform well in a game of squash is also underestimated. In fact, the thought process is probably more important than the standard of the shot.

Can you sum up what Glasgow 2014 will be like in three words?

Best. Experience. Ever!

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