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Dance and Physical Theatre

SCALE invites Scotland's infants, parents, and audiences to investigate the magic of those first baby steps. The project will include residencies, a touring mini-film studio capturing children's movement, city-wide projection, a dance for professionals choreographed by Scotland's toddlers, and a purpose-built park in Dundee City Square for a mass dance for parents and children.

28–29 March, Dundee

Dundee's cityscape becomes a projection screen when gifted video- artist Tim Reid playfully subverts scale and animates city surfaces with images of giant babies and tiny adults.

The footage for Exhibition will be gathered from visits to Angus, Perth and Dundee in March, to capture infants and toddlers' own unique style of dancing.

Human Scale
4–5 July, Caird Hall, Dundee

Fleur Darkin creates a new full-length work inspired by babies and toddlers' movement. Formed in collaboration with critically acclaimed British artist David Batchelor, Human Scale includes live music composed and played by Glasgow-based quartet The One Ensemble, and is performed by Scottish Dance Theatre's exceptional dancers.

6 July, Dundee City Square

Dundee's City Square will be transformed into a colourful pop-up park designed by David Batchelor. Everyone aged 0– 99 is invited to join the party for a day-long mass celebration of dance, movement and fun.

Autumn 2013 – Summer 2014

Families across the east coast of Scotland will participate in dance-based adult and child partnering sessions, led by early years' specialist, Louise Klarnett.

For more information visit the SCALE website or you can follow them on Twitter @Scale2014. You can also go to Scottish Dance Theatre's website.

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