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Top Secret Uniforms Business

Susan Norris

As General Manager of Glasgow 2014’s Uniforms Team, Susan Norris is the keeper of one of Scotland’s most closely guarded secrets. Here Susan shares her experience of other Games, her hopes for Glasgow 2014 and… Bradley Cooper…

What can you tell us about the Glasgow 2014 volunteer uniform?

That’s top secret!

When will the uniform design be unveiled?

The uniform design will be revealed in the spring of 2014, so stay tuned…

Volunteer uniforms are a very visible aspect of the Games – do you feel any extra pressure?

It’s important for volunteers to be easily identified, feel comfortable in their uniform and proud to wear it, so there is some pressure. However, no more than for anyone else involved in Glasgow 2014 – we all rely on each other and it’s a real team effort.

Are you interested in fashion generally?

I appreciate fashion, but I‘m certainly not a fashion guru. Trespass, our uniform supplier, have some really talented people working on our uniform and our in-house Uniform Coordinator Joanne MacCabe has lots of design experience.

If you could choose any celebrity to model the finished Glasgow 2014 uniform, who would you pick?

If George Clooney or Bradley Cooper offered their services I wouldn’t say no.

How many Games have you been involved in?

This is my second Games experience. My first Games was the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games where I was the Manager of Uniforms and Volunteer Centres.

Based on your experience, what do you think the impact of volunteers will be on Glasgow 2014?

Huge. When you look back at past events, you soon realise there is hardly an image without a volunteer in it – they’re involved in almost everything! Volunteers always help to define the spirit of each host city, but I’m expecting Glasgow to be extra special!

What are you looking forward to the most about Glasgow 2014?

The uniforms of course! Seriously though, it’s going to be really exciting to be a part of the Glasgow 2014 volunteering experience. You get to meet amazing people and when it’s all over, although it’s a bit sad, you’re left with a very tangible sense of accomplishment and lots of new friends. I don’t think there’s anything else like it.

The Uniform Team are also recruiting volunteers – what sort of things will the Uniform volunteers be involved in?

Uniform volunteers get started well in advance of the Games and really help to set the tone for the whole Games Workforce. They’ll be involved in all aspects of distributing our uniform and they’ll get the chance to meet almost everyone involved in delivering the Games.

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