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Where You’re Meant To Be – Aidan Moffat and Paul Fegan

Photo of Aidan Moffat

'Where You're Meant To Be' is a compelling journey through the creative spirit and oral traditions across the changing face of Scotland and its people.

All around us is the lasting history of people's beliefs and customs, notions of right and wrong, happiness and sorrow, all wrapped up in the stories and songs which make up the intricately patterned fabric of our lives and the environment that surrounds us.

Critically acclaimed songwriter and raconteur Aidan Moffat is joined by award-winning filmmaker Paul Fegan to document their Scottish road trip, celebrating the oral traditions and art of storytelling and their indelible place in Scotland's psyche.

The road trip across Scotland begins in April 2014 and will include performances of new songs and stories by Aidan and his band. Local artists will also perform at each show.

Along the journey the film-makers will engage with local arts communities, writers and musicians, exploring the history of the cities, towns and villages, and their regional storytelling culture.

The completed film will be premiered in Glasgow in August, as part of Culture 2014.

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