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Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Shipping container

Limiting the carbon footprint of the Games has always been a key goal for Glasgow 2014, so when it came to moving all of our furniture, fittings and equipment (FFE) from storage in Tilbury, South East England to Grangemouth, we needed to consider the environmental impact.

Using carbon footprint calculation software (Bff Footprint Reporter 0.3.0) we compared sea, rail and road transport options, and came up with CO2 emission estimates.

38 Journeys
Total weight of containers including FFE: 3,570 tonnes
Total distance: 273,000 kilometres (km)
CO2: 250.34 tonnesTransport Carbon Footprint Table

One journey
Total weight of containers including FFE: 3,570 tonnes
Total freight and 350 containers weight: 14,070 tonnes
Total tonne/km travelled by rail freight: 5,487,300 tonnes
Rail move: 390km (one way as freight train would return with a load/partial load)
CO2: 115.20 tonnes

Two journeys
Total weight of containers including FFE: 3,570 tonnes
Estimated transit distance from Tilbury to Grangemouth: 750 km
Average weight of container vessel (deadweight): 103,463 tonnes
Total tonne/km travelled by container vessel: 2,784,600 t/km*
CO2: 41.77 tonnes

*Total tonne/ km travelled is calculated by multiplying the weight of the freight being transported (tonnes) by the transportation distance (km)

Transporting our FFE by sea was clearly the best option, so on 21 December 2012, 350 shipping containers were transported from the London Container Terminal in Tilbury to the Port of Grangemouth.

Supplied by RGS (UK) Limited and acquired from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, these containers hold all of our FFE for the Games. They are now housed in the one place, close to our venues, ready for use at Games time.

Learn more about how we’re making the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games sustainable.

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