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Volunteer in Focus – Melissa Lee

volunteer in focus

Where do you live?

East Kilbride

Are people in East Kilbride excited about Glasgow 2014?

Extremely! The buzz during the Olympics was fantastic here and I can only imagine that Glasgow 2014 will be ten times better!

Is this the first time you've volunteered?

Yes and I can't wait to get started!

What are you most looking forward to about the Games?

The atmosphere in general. It'll be great to see so many people working together and sharing a common interest in sport. And I'm really looking forward to meeting people from different backgrounds -- hopefully I'll make some new friends!

Do you have a sporting hero?

Definitely Beth Tweedle! Having been a gymnast myself, I really respect her strength and perseverance in doing such a demanding sport.

Which three Commonwealth sports stars would you invite to dinner and why?

1. Beth Tweddle – she's my role model!

2. Jessica Ennis – I’d like to know why she first started doing athletics and how she manages to keep herself motivated. And I'd like to know how she keeps her skin is so flawless!

3. Tom Daley – Hello? I'm a sixteen-year-old girl!

If you could have been a volunteer at any event in history, which would you pick and why?

The Apollo 11 mission! Mostly because I'm fascinated by space physics, but also because of the monumental effect this mission had on Earth. And imagine telling your grandchildren, "I helped the first man on the moon!”

Can you sum up what you think Glasgow 2014 will be like in three words?

Unforgettable, electric and FANDABBYDOSI!!!

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