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Volunteer in Focus – Robert-Jay Curry

Robert-Jay Curry

Where do you live?

Swansea, Wales.

Are people in Swansea excited about Glasgow 2014?

Most definitely. The facilities we have in Swansea are brilliant and it’s inspirational having world-class athletes using the local swimming pool to train. We’ve had both Mexican and New Zealand Para-athletes training here.

Is this the first time you’ve volunteered?

No, I volunteer with my local swimming pool officiating at events. The same with athletics. The enthusiasm is unbelievable. The crowds just seem to get louder and louder every time!

What’s your best volunteering memory?

My best volunteering memory was at Wales National Pool – the closed age group championships, which took place over a four-day period. The memory was just the laughs and jokes we had as a team whilst getting the job done.

What have you learnt from volunteering and do you have any advice for people joining in for the first time?

I’d highly recommend having a good sense of humour – it’s the only way to get through the long days!

Which three Commonwealth sports stars would you invite to dinner and why?

Dai Greene, Christian Malcolm and Jemma Lowe. Between the three of them, the stories that would be told would be just amazing!

What are you most looking forward to about Glasgow 2014?

The atmosphere, the mood and the buzz of the Games!

Which sporting competition can’t you wait to see at Glasgow 2014?

Really can’t decide between the Athletics and the Swimming – both are looking set to be amazing!

Can you sum up what you think Glasgow 2014 will be like in three words?

Exciting, sport-tastic, amazing!

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