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Volunteer in Focus – Roni McGrath

Roni McGrath

What’s your occupation?

I’m retired.

Where do you live?

Aberlour – the home of whisky and shortbread.

Have you volunteered before?

No. I watched the volunteers at London 2012 and wished I’d made the effort to go down instead of just watching it on TV. I decided that if I got the chance again, I would go for it. And here I am – just shows it's never too late to get off your backside and do something.

Are you planning to volunteer at Glasgow 2014?

My application is in.

If so, what are you most looking forward to?

Meeting people and hopefully being helpful.

How would you give the friendliest welcome to people at the Games?

Smile first, and then ask what I can do to make their visit even better.

Which sports star would you most like to see at the Games?

Jessica Ennis.

Which sporting competition are you most looking forward to at the Games?

I don't expect to see any of the competitions. I just want to be part of the scene and see people enjoying Glasgow.

In one sentence, why should people volunteer at Glasgow 2014?

Don’t just watch it, be part of it.

Apply now to volunteer at Glasgow 2014.

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