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Go Behind the Scenes at the Uniform And Accreditation Centre

The Kelvin Hall has entertained generations of Glaswegians as a music hall, indoor sports arena, exhibition centre, Scottish basketball HQ and the well-loved Museum of Transport. 

Renamed as the Uniform and Accreditation Centre (UAC) until July, it will serve as a resource for volunteers as they collect their uniforms and / or their accreditation. Up to 15, 000 eager volunteers will be gracing the ‘b’ listed building’s doors as part of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games workforce.  

More than 100 clyde-siders will form the backbone of the UAC operation dealing with around 500 people per day for their uniforms, and up to 2,000 per day for accreditation on busy days.

To mark the occasion the newly formed ‘clyde-sider Chorus’, a choir which consists of Glasgow 2014 volunteers, raised the roof when it gave its first live performance and welcomed people to the UAC. And, Clyde the Official Glasgow 2014 Mascot took the opportunity to show off his own uniform! 


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