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Claytarget. Full Bore. Pistol. Small Bore.

Balance. Concentration. Control. Precision.


Delhi 2010, Shooting, Men’s

Shooting combines intense concentration, skill and nerve, and its four disciplines each have their own appeal and challenge. 

Clay Target

Clay Target athletes fire at moving targets flying in different directions. A puff of dust or powder from the clay signifies a direct hit and confirms an athlete’s score in each round.

Full Bore

A test of patience and skill, Full Bore Shooting requires athletes to fire at targets across a range of distances in a unique event only contested in the Commonwealth Games.

Pistol and Small Bore

Pistol and Small Bore Rifle Shooting involves athletes firing at stationary targets across distances ranging from 10 to 50 metres. Both require patience, concentration and control to ensure a high scoring hit is achieved on target.

Venue: Barry Buddon Shooting Centre [Satellite, Carnoustie, Angus]

Watch out for: Participation of a wide range of Commonwealth nations has seen a vast spread of Games Shooting medals. Australia, Canada, England, India and New Zealand have been consistent medal winners across the four disciplines, but watch out for emerging nations such as Scotland, Singapore, Wales, Cyprus and Pakistan which are sure to be amongst the medal winners at Glasgow 2014.

International Federation: International Shooting Sport Federation

Results and Schedule 

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