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Freestyle discipline. 14 Gold medals up for grabs. 
Strength. Risk. Technique.

Carol Huynh

The sport of Wrestling involves a classic contest between two athletes seeking ascendancy through a range of grapples, holds, throws and pins.

A sport with an ancient tradition, Wrestling is a competition of strength, suppleness and raw power. Athletes need excellent focus to outwit their opponent.

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Wrestling will take place at the SECC Precinct in the Freestyle discipline for both men and women.

Venue: SECC Precinct [West End]

Watch out for: Canada has been the dominant Commonwealth nation in Games Wrestling, while India has proven its credentials in recent Games competitions. With a raft of medals for the taking, athletes from around the globe will be looking to claim their own piece of Games history.

International Federation: International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles 

Results and Schedule