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FAQs - Volunteering

What happens if my application fails the security checking process?

The Home Office will tell us if your application has passed or failed the checking process.

If the result of your check is negative, we will ask you to confirm that the information you gave us is accurate. Unless a mistake has been made, we will be unable to continue with your application to become a Glasgow 2014 volunteer.

Can I become a Glasgow 2014 volunteer if I have a criminal record?

Yes. We ask all applicants to provide details of any unspent convictions (convictions which currently appear on the applicant’s criminal record).

Applicants are not required to provide details of any spent convictions (convictions which no longer appear on the applicant’s criminal record).

Glasgow 2014 will consider applications from applicants who have provided details of unspent convictions on a case-by-case basis, having regard to the nature of the offence and the length of time since conviction.

Please note that all successful applicants, regardless of whether or not they have provided details of any unspent convictions, will be required to undergo a background security check, which is carried out by the Home Office and other authorities. Please see "Why will security checks be conducted on Glasgow 2014 Games Workforce applicants?" for further information about these checks.

Why will security checks be conducted on Glasgow 2014 volunteers?

The information you provided in your application form will be used for the background security checks that have to be done to ensure the integrity and security of the Games. These checks will be carried out by the Home Office, the Police and other relevant UK authorities as necessary.

The UK Government understands the importance of a smooth and successful accreditation process. However this needs to be balanced against the responsibility to deliver the Games safely and securely, in a way that protects the country from terrorism, organised crime and illegal immigration.

What can I expect as a volunteer?

Volunteering at the Games will be a hugely rewarding experience. This will be your chance to help promote Glasgow and Scotland to a global audience of around one billion people, to make fantastic friendships with fellow volunteers and people from all over the world, to gain valuable skills and experience and quite simply to give something back to your community. Being a Games volunteer is an experience which you will remember with pride for the rest of your life.

Games Time volunteers will be provided with:

• A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stage the best ever Commonwealth Games
• Great training
• Opportunities to meet new friends and be part of a great team
• An official XX Commonwealth Games uniform
• Refreshments throughout the day and a meal entitlement after a designated shift duration


Where will volunteers be assigned?

Volunteers will be based across our competition and non-competition venues. Non-competition venues are sites crucial to the Games but where no actual sports events take place. For example, our Athletes’ Village.

Read more about our venues.

Will volunteers be given everything they need to perform their role?

We aim to support you as much as possible in order for you to perform your role to the best of your abilities.

You will be provided with a volunteer uniform and accreditation pass, which you will be required to wear at all times whilst performing your role.

During Games Time, we will also provide you with refreshments during your shift and any role-specific equipment you may require.

Will accommodation be provided for volunteers?

No.  The OC will not provide accommodation for volunteers. However, Visit Scotland will be positioned to signpost volunteers to appropriate options.

How easy will it be to get around at Games Time?

A large part of organising the Games is ensuring safe and effective transport for athletes, volunteers and spectators during the Games. The venues have been “clustered” to aid this.

The Organising Committee is already working on plans to ensure that a comprehensive transport infrastructure is in place for Glasgow 2014. A full plan will be announced in due course.

For the duration of the Games, the whole city will be focused on ensuring that public transport is available and running smoothly.

One of the pledges made by Glasgow 2014 is that anyone buying a ticket for the Games will have funded public transport access within Glasgow and to the venue on the day they have their ticket.

Read the Glasgow 2014 Transport Strategic Plan.

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